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Asylum Projects Message Boards

General Discussion • Administrative Board • Image Discussion

Asylum Projects offer a variety of message boards and talk pages for people to discuss a variety of subjects. Here is a brief description of each message board and talk pages:

  • General Discussion message board is for general discussions not directly related to a specific article. General questions may be asked here.
  • Administration Board is for discussions of site policy and problems. If there seems to be problems within the site whether with articles, policies, or with editors, this is the place to discuss them. Also this place may be used for discussion on new policies.
  • Image Discussion board is for all things images whether to show new images or discuss current images.

Asylum Projects Message Boards Guidelines

  • Before posting a new message topic, please make sure that the topic/question/discussion you want to start is not already being discussed in another message board or talk page. If so, please do not start a new section on the same topic.
  • Please keep it civil and no discussions/questions directly related to illegal activities. (I.E. How do I get into so and so abandoned buildings, etc.). Also, please no spam links or advertising posts.
  • To start a new topic use the level 2 heading which uses two == on either side of the title. The level 2 heading looks like this ==My New Topic Title==.
  • Make sure to sign your posts so others can see who said what and when they said it. To sign your post, all you need to do is add four tildes (~~~~) ad the end of your message. (This is the button at the far left of your number keys.)
  • If you are replying to someones post, please make sure to indent your post for readability. To indent your post, just put a : in front of your message and it will indent the entire post one tab. : equals one tab so the more you add the farther indented the message will go. Please no extreme indents. If the use of the indent would become too extreme, just reset your post back to the first indent so other users can base their indents off your yours.
  • To use an external image on a message board, all you need to do is post the link to the image in the massage. For example: to post an image just place the exact link just like this: and the site software will display the image. However, external images will not be able to be re-sized. Please keep external images under a reasonable size (I.E. under 600 pixels width or length). Please respect the external image's photographer/copy write holder's wishes and not post an image that the photographer/copy write holder does not want posted on other sites. A simple link is preferred in those cases. Also, if it is possible, you can upload your images to Asylum Projects itself.