Blue Ridge Mountain Sanitarium

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Blue Ridge Mountain Sanitarium
Opened 1905
Closed 1916
Current Status Closed
Building Style Single Building
Location Washington Township, Franklin County, PA
Alternate Names


Dr. A. Barr Snively opened the Blue Ridge Mountain Sanatorium the week of June 1, 1905. The Shippensburg Chronicle identified it was solely for the "treatment of incipient tuberculosis." A 1909 advertisement identified "incipient and moderately advanced cases." The capacity was noted at 25 cases. Rates ranged from $12 to $25 per week (in 1909). The Adams County News (Gettysburg) stated that Dr. A. Barr Snively dismantled and closed the sanatorium on April 22, 1916.


The US listings of Sanatorium (in 1909) listed Dr. A. Barr Snively as the resident physician and medical director. It also listed a superintendent, Florence M. Gottshall. In 1910 two nurses (Ella Watson and Florence Gottshall) and a servant (Geo. Davis) were listed among the staff.


There are varying accounts of the exact location and acreage of the Blue Ridge Mountain Sanitorium. The 1910 US Census identified it as being in Franklin County, Washington Township, 1st District (in Mounterey) and on Mounterey Avenue. One account said it was "on the mountain side 1,500 feet above tidewater, a short distance from Blue Ridge Summit." Another account identified it was 1,650 feet above sea level. An advertisement identified it as being in Blue Ridge Summit, PA "on the scenic western Maryland R. R." "in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southeastern Pennsylavania." All accounts identify it as being one mile from Blue Ridge Summit station on the Western Maryland Rail Road.