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  • Before posting news articles in the archives please take the time to thoroughly look through the articles that have already been archived. Notice the layout, photo placement, and links. If you choose to add articles to the archive please duplicate the same format and layout as the articles that already exist. Use THIS article as a template.
  • All articles should link back to the source website at least once.
  • Include any photos available with the article, DO NOT link to the photos at the source website, save the images to your computer and upload them to the database. Be sure to give proper credit when uploading the images. Images in the article should be no larger than 300px wide.
  • Always include the news agency or outlet at the top of the article along with the author or writer of the article.
  • If the news article is or has a video, you may embed it in the article. If you are unable to embed the video then place a link to it at the top of the article.

If you are unsure of anything above or need further assistance please post a message on the Message Boards asking for help. Or you can PM an administrator.

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