Easton Sanitarium

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Easton Sanitarium
Construction Began 1818
Opened 1895
Current Status Closed
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Easton, Pennsylvania

The Easton Sanitarium was opened in 1895 as a private sanitarium for treatment of mental and nervous disease by Dr. James P. Pursell.

It consists of a property of 16 acres located between Wayne Avenue and the Delaware River Road, and adjoining Nevin Park in Easton, Pa. There are three buildings and a small private bungalow connected with the sanitarium, representing three centuries ; the annex accommodating the hospital department was once the home of ex-Governor Wolf of Pennsylvania, and was built in 1795; the main building, of stone, containing 44 rooms, was built in 1818, and remodeled in 1890 at a cost of $10,000; the doctor's house, " Kinnesha," of buff brick, three stories in height, with foundation, wide porch and walks of concrete, was finished in 1903; the five-room bungalow was built in 1908 for the accommodation of one patient and her nurses.

The capacity in 1914 was 33 patients. The estimated value of real estate, buildings, furnishings and merchandise on hand January 1, 1914, was $65,656. The expenditure in improvements and repairs during the past ten years has been $25,000.

Patients receive individual care, a nurse for each patient being supplied, and, in a number of cases, both day and night nurses.

Dietary consists of the best the market affords and suited always to the needs of the patient. Vegetables are from the sanitarium garden, and there are always plenty of fresh eggs and pure milk, and all fruits in their season. There is no training school connected with the sanitarium, and only nurses who are experienced in the care of mental cases are employed.

Dr. C. Spencer Kinney, the present proprietor and physician-incharge, was connected for 23 years with the Middletown State Homeopathic Hospital, Middletown, N. Y., where he was first assistant physician. He left there in 1900, when he purchased the Easton Sanitarium from Dr. James P. Pursell.

The following is a list of physicians who have assisted Dr. Kinney in the medical work of the sanitarium since 1905:

Dr. William Worthington Dr. Selden Talcott Kin

Herrick 1905-1906 ney 1912-1913

Dr. J. W. Dowling 1907-1908 Dr. Arthur C. Zuck 1913

Dr. E. A. Everett 1908-1909 Dr. S. Irwin Darnell I913-«9H

Dr. Walter E. Long 1910-1912[1]

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