Gladwyne Colony

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Gladwyne Colony
Current Status Closed
Building Style Single Building
Location Gladwyne, Pa.


This colony was developed by Dr. S. D. W. Ludlum, and consists of an old mill settlement, with mill and out-buildings which have been converted into a village populated by persons suffering from nervous and mental diseases. Patients live in small cottages and are occupied each day in the mill. The work is suited to the individual, both in the shops and in the fields.

The location of the colony is at Gladwyne, on the Mill Creek, near the west bank of the Schuylkill River, 20 minutes ride from Philadelphia by the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad.

The dwellings are of stone, the old inn being the headquarters, and life is conducted on a community basis.

Physical development is carried on by a professional trainer. The medical laboratories and research work are under the direction of Dr. E. P. Corson-White. Investigations that have been and are now carried on are the Wassermann reaction and the Aberhalden reaction and other serological problems. The psychological and dietetic departments are in the hands of trained workers, and the medical direction is under Dr. S. D. W. Ludlum.

Expert mechanics are employed to operate the shops and engine room and patients are apprenticed to these men to learn the trade, if possible.

The estimated value of the entire plant is $50,000.[1]