Graylingwell Hospital

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Graylingwell Hospital
Opened 1897
Closed 2002
Current Status Preserved
Building Style Echelon Plan
Architect(s) Sir Arthur Blomfield
Location Chichester
Alternate Names
  • West Sussex County Asylum


Graylingwell Asylum in Chichester, East Sussex was founded in 1894 then finally opened in 1897 as a hospital for the mentally ill. During World War I the hospital closed temporarily and was used as a base by the Military. The patients were evacuated to other southern asylum’s. On return to civilian use plans were put in place for additional buildings to the main hospital. These buildings included an admission hospital which was to be known as Summersdale, a nurses home to be known as Pinewood, a building for female tuberculosis patients and a female convalescent home and also a home for female working patients.

Graylingwell was taken over by the N.H.S in 1948 by which time it could hold in excess of one thousand patients. The hospital was eventually wound down and in 2003 finally shut its doors. The site is now known as 9 College Lane rather than Graylingwell Asylum and is now being renovated into a site for new housing.