Lebanon County Almshouse

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Lebanon County Almshouse
Established 1830
Opened 1831/1887
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Alternate Names
  • Lebanon County Poorhouse


Pursuant to Act of Assembly of March 3, 1830 to provide for a Lebanon County Poor House, the county commissioners appointed a Board to locate a suitable site, and under date of August 24, 1830, David and Barbara Fisher sold 186 acres and 134 perches farm land and six acres and 95 perches of woodland in Lebanon Township (now South Lebanon Township) to the Directors of the Poor and the House of Employment for $11,691.13. In 1887 a new hospital was started and the old one razed, the new building being completed in February, 1889. The Home and Farm comprise about a dozen buildings. In 1937, the Poor District was abolished and the County Almshouse became known as the County Institutional District, under the direction of the county commissioners. A new facility called Cedar Haven was occupied with 244 residents and a substantial waiting list. In 1973, the new Skilled Care Wing was built with 160 beds.

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