Lehigh County Almshouse

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Lehigh County Almshouse
Established 1844
Opened 1845
Building Style Single Building
Location Allentown, PA
Alternate Names
  • Cedarbrook


The story of Cedarbrook began in 1844, when the Lehigh County Commissioners declared the need for a working farm and home for those that were poor and/or elderly. At the time Lehigh County residents recognized a need to care for those that were unable to sustain themselves. The first home was constructed in 1845. The self-sustaining working farm component of the Cedarbrook property began to phase out in the 1930s, although some aspects of agriculture on the Cedarbrook property may have lasted into the 1950s. The mission of caring for the frail and those without financial resources continued.

The current Cedarbrook Allentown original wings have roots in the 1920s, with a subsequent addition, the “D-Wing” tower, completed in 1970. Fountain Hill Manor was purchased by Lehigh County in 1974, and was subsequently called “the Annex” and now is properly referred to as “Cedarbrook Fountain Hill.” Both campuses of Cedarbrook are licensed by the state under one license, and as such over the years both campuses have been referred to as Cedarbrook, sharing staff, contracts, equipment, technology, and services

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