Maxey Training School

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Maxey Training School
Opened 1963
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Whitmore Lake, MI
Alternate Names
  • W.J Maxey Boys Training School
  • Woodland Center Correctional Facility (Current)


A correctional facility and Training school for Male Youths. The facility had a capacity of 60 beds, and provided Educational and Rehab services for Inmates. Maxey was closed on October, 1st, 2015. Located in the former W. J. Maxey Boys Training School, the state operates the Woodland Center Correctional. The maximum-security prison, which is about 11 miles north of Ann Arbor, provides acute and longer-term psychiatric treatment for inmates throughout Michigan's prison system at a sprawling one-story building that resembles a school. It treats about 200 inmates at a time with a 23-bed inpatient infirmary and three-bed dialysis unit for inmates with or without mental illness.