Naburn Hospital

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Naburn Hospital
Established 1899
Opened 1906
Closed 1988
Demolished 1989
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Echelon Plan
Architect(s) Alfred Creer
Location York, Yorkshire
Alternate Names York Borough Asylum City of York Mental Hospital


Opened after the commissioner in lunacy would no longer sanction the use of Bootham Park Hospital for paupers who had been using that institution since the 1860's. The new hospital was built near Fulford south of York. In WWII two temporary hospitals were built in the grounds and these became general and maternity hospital separate from Naburn. All three hospitals closed in the 1980's with Naburn's remaining patients transferred back to Bootham Park. The site was completely cleared soon after and barely any traces remain other than trees which were planted in the grounds, a retail park and car parking occupy most of the area of the old buildings.


A Century of Care by Malcolm Race


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