Newberry State Hospital

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Newberry State Hospital
Construction Began 1893
Opened 1895
Closed 1992 (As a psych facility)
Current Status Closed
Building Style Pavilion Plan
Location Newberry, MI
Alternate Names
  • Upper Peninsula Asylum for the Insane (1895)
  • Newberry State Hospital (1911)
  • Newberry Regional Psychiatric Hospital (1977)
  • Newberry Correctional Facility (1995)


The hospital was established under Act No. 210,Public Acts of 1893. It appropriated funds for only 2 cottages & 1 industrial building. The first patients were received November, 1895. Plans for a completed institution were prepared and closely adhered to. They provided for 20 buildings arranged in a quadrangle, 17 designed for care and reception of patients, 1 as an administration building, another as an assembly hall and the other as a kitchen/dining hall. These cottages which are all now erected, are arranged around a hollow square containing about 11 acres. All the buildings are connected by a covered walkway, which runs around the interior of the quadrangle. Outside of the original quadrangle, there have been built- a cottage for tuberculosis patients, a home for nurses & various industrial buildings. The hospital is located on a farm of about 720 acres.

The number of patients in the institution on June 30, 1920 was 1,037, which shows an overcrowding of 52 patients. The institution is modern in having equipment having both male and female receiving wards which are fitted with their own kitchens & dining rooms. The nurses' training school has been in successful operation since 1908. The school has a curriculum of three years. The inventory of the institution, lands, buildings, equipment etc. $1,078,942. From the 1920 Michigan State Board of Corrections and Charities


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