Oak Grove Sanitarium

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Oak Grove Sanitarium
Opened 1891
Closed 1920
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Flint, MI
Alternate Names Oak Grove Hospital


Oak Grove Hospital, formerly Oak Grove Sanitarium, was organized under the laws of Michigan as Oak Grove Corporation in 1891, its object being the founding and administration of a thoroughly modern hospital for the treatment of nervous and mental diseases and of alcohol and drug addiction. Associated in the incipiency of the movement were James A. Remick and W. G. Vinton, of Detroit; Charles T. Mitchell, of Hillsdale, Michigan; and Dr. George C. Palmer, then superintendent of the Michigan asylum for the insane, at Kalamazoo.

The sixty-five-acre grove of native oaks located near the eastern outskirts of Flint was selected for a site. This grove is now probably the last remaining oak clearing in Michigan. It has been preserved by Governor Henry H. Crapo, his intention being to build therein a mansion.

The property was sold to the city of Flint shortly after closing & all buildings were demolished to make way for the new Flint High School in the early 1930s.