Old Providence Hospital

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Established 1869
Opened 1910
Closed 1965
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Detroit, MI
Alternate Names House of Providence


The Sisters of Charity opened the House of Providence in 1869, for destitute children and unfortunate women. It was located at 2500 West Grand Boulevard. It was incorporated in 1874, though its origins going back to 1845 were allegedly as an insane asylum. The new facility was officially commissioned as a hospital on April 7, 1910, and, in 1922, Providence Hospital was incorporated separately.

Both House and Hospital used the West Grand Boulevard building. Reports of the number of beds at opening vary from 500 to 600. The grand, castle-like structure was quite elegant, with arched ceilings, ornate pillars and inlaid floors. The facility also featured a beautiful chapel and sun gallery at the rear of the building, overlooking a courtyard.

The first medical staff consisted of 40 physicians, providing surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, ENT and laboratory services. The new hospital also paved the way for the opening of Providence School of Nursing, which operated until 1975, when the last class of nursing students graduated.