Randolph County Poorhouse

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Randolph County Poorhouse
Opened 1899
Closed 2008
Current Status Preserved
Building Style Single Building
Architect(s) W. Kaufman
Location Winchester, IN
Architecture Style Romanesque Revival
Alternate Names
  • Randolph County Infirmary
  • Randolph County Home – Countryside Care


Tract of land purchased by county about 1851 to house a poor farm to care for those unable to work, including the mentally and physically disabled, single mothers, elderly and orphans. Dwelling existed on premises that served as facility for a time, then serving 13 inmates. Residents were to maintain the farm, though many unable to perform labor due to age or infirmity. A new wooden building constructed in 1853, housing 16 inmates, however it was destroyed by fire less than year later in January 1854. A new two-story brick building constructed in 1855-56. This building eventually ordered demolished due to poor conditions, and new structure to be built to better accommodate growing patient population.

The new nearly 50,000-square-foot building (current structure) constructed in 1898-99. Housed six large wards, several private rooms, laundry, kitchen, separate dining rooms for women and men. Property included pump house, barn, hay barn, machine shed, garage or cell house, two garages, and chicken house on 350 acres. Five patients were still living in the infirmary when it closed in 2008. In 2016 the building was sold and is now open for tours.

Images of Randolph County Poorhouse[edit]

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