St. Lukes Hospital

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St. Lukes Hospital
Established 1894
Opened 1898
Closed 2010
Demolished 2011
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Echelon Plan
Location Middlesbrough, Yorkshire
Alternate Names
  • Middlesbrough Borough Asylum
  • Cleveland Asylum
  • Middlesbrough Mental Hospital


Opened in 1898 so that the Middlesbrough had its own asylum and did not need to use the Clifton Asylum near York. Two more ward blocks were added soon after completion and a nurses home was added later. Unfortunately a gas explosion badly damaged the home and killed two nurses. A general hospital has been built in the grounds and has since grown to become larger than the asylum - as a result it is planned that St.Lukes will be replaced by new mental health wards in the near future and the old building will be demolished.