Switzerland County Poor Farm

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Switzerland County Poor Farm
Opened 1832
Closed 1940
Current Status Closed
Building Style Single Building
Location Vevay, IN
Architecture Style Federal
Alternate Names


The Switzerland County Poor Farm was built in 1832 for the people of Vevay and Switzerland County Indiana. The county home served the community until 1940. The home us currently privately owned and no longer functioning as a poor house. [1]

According to the March 31 1922 Indiana Bulletin: "This is an old stone building, lacking all conveniences. The institution is clean. It is lighted by kerosene and heated by stoves. The ventilation comes from the windows. The water is supplied by means of a hand pump and there is also a cistern. There is no fire protection. One bath tub is located in the wash house. The closets are out of doors. The furniture consists of beds, chairs, stands, pictures. The bedding is clean.

Management. The superintendent receives $500 per year and the matron $200 per year. A physician comes on call. Supplies are not purchased by competitive bids. The records are satisfactory. There are no rules. Inmates are received on a written order from the township trustee. The commissioners visit the poor asylum occasionally.

Inmates. Population: 3 men, 3 women. There is good sex separation. The inmates are clean. They bathe once a week and change their clothing weekly. The general health is good. Three meals a day are served, prepared by the matron with the assistance of the inmates. Religious services are not held.

Recent Improvements. A new tin roof has been put on, a horse and eleven swine have been purchased.

Recommendations. The county should have a new poor asylum on good land."[2]

Images of Switzerland County Poor Farm[edit]

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