The Firs

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The Firs
Established 1904
Current Status Closed
Building Style Single Building
Location Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa.


"The Firs " was opened for the treatment of a few selected convalescent and nervous patients by Abbott H. Chase and wife in the spring of 1904- Since then they have been assisted in the work by their son Robert A. Chase and his wife. "The Firs " comprises seven or eight acres of lawn and gardens, the front of which joins Fairmount Park. The buildings consist of three houses known as the main building, cottage and annex, which are substantial and commodious, being handsomely finished and furnished. There are large porches, and a complete system of hot-water heating. There are also an amusement hall, tennis court and croquet grounds, besides walks and drives. The institution has a capacity of from 10 to 12 patients, each having his own nurse or nurses, as the case may require.[1]