The Hospital Cottages for Children

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The Hospital Cottages for Children
Opened 1882
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Baldwinsville, MA
Alternate Names


The institution is owned by a corporation, but, under the law of 1890, a majority of the trustees must be appointed by the Governor.

Epileptic children are received and treated, and orthopedic cases requiring a long treatment. At the beginning of the official year the institution contained 63 children ; at the close of the year the number had increased to 86. There are accommodations for about 125. The buildings are well planned and constructed, and the management of the unfortunate inmates is kind and judicious.

This Institution was incorporated and opened in 1882. The Legislature of 1887 appropriated the sum of $10,000 for the payment of its debts, the purchase of land, and other objects; and at the same time authorized the State Board of Lunacy and Charity to send to the Institution the aggregate number of ten children and no more, afflicted with epilepsy or other chronic diseases, to be maintained free of expense to the Commonwealth for the term of one year from the date of their respective admissions thereto," it being provided that the children selected should be approved by the Trustees and Superintendent of the Corporation, and it being also provided that two of the Trustees should be appointed by the Governor and Council. The Legislature of 1889 made an appropriation of $55,000, to be expended in the erection of three brick buildings,according to plans approved by the Governor and Council, and provided that such number of children should be maintained at the Institution, without expense to the Commonwealth,as the State Board and the Trustees should agree upon. The Legislature of 1890 appropriated the further sum of$30,000 for completing and furnishing the buildings, on the condition that a majority of the Trustees should be appointed by the Governor and Council. The Legislature of 1892 provided for the appointment of Trustees by the Governor and Council. The classes of cases cared for are :

1. Those under fourteen years of age suffering from epileptic or epileptic form seizures. 2. Children suffering from other nervous disorders, not feeble-minded. 3. Children with deformities, with disease of hip, knee and other joints, spinal disease, infantile paralysis and other affections where the disorder is likely to require a long residence in a hospital. 4. Cases needing operation or fitting of supports, where this may be done by a residence of a few weeks or less.In such cases the children return to their homes as soon as the appliances are fitted, and are brought to the Hospital at intervals for observation.

At the beginning of the official year the Institution contained 86 children; at the close of the year there were 97. Of the latter 60 were epileptics, 6 had hip disease, 6 infantile paralysis, 12 cerebral paralysis, and the remainder different diseases requiring hospital treatment.

The new buildings of the Institution are well adapted to their purpose, the management is excellent, and the children receive true home care and attention. Two recent epidemics of scarlet fever emphasize the need of a stricter quarantine of new arrivals.

Source: "Thirteenth Annual Report of State Board Lunacy and Charity Massachusetts", Jan. 1892: Boston