Vermont State Sanatorium

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Vermont State Sanatorium
Established 1907
Opened 1921 (state)
Current Status Preserved
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Pittsford, VT
Alternate Names


The Vermont Police Academy campus, recently named the Robert H. Wood Jr. Criminal Justice and Fire Service Training Center of Vermont, consists of one main building (main/center section and two attached cottages) and several outbuildings. The Main Building was built in 1907 on land purchased by the Proctors (owners of the Vermont Marble Company). Mr. Redfield Proctor was instrumental in purchasing the land and in building the facility, originally housing a hospital for treating tuberculosis patients; the cottages served as patients' living quarters.

The Vermont Sanatorium, as the hospital was called, was deeded to the State of Vermont in 1921. By 1967 advances in the field of medicine lead to a significant decline in the number of TB patients requiring treatment and the cost of operating the Sanatorium could no longer be justified. The facility was then made available to any branch of state government for use. The State Police had been searching for suitable facilities for their training programs. Also in 1967, the Vermont Legislature created the "Law Enforcement Training Council," to oversee police training standards and it needed a home as well. It was then decided the facility would be inspected for use as a training academy.