Walter Reuther Psychiatric Hospital

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Walter Reuther Psychiatric Hospital
Established 1977
Opened 1979
Current Status Active
Building Style Single Building
Location Westland, MI


When it opened in 1979, the Walter P. Reuther Psychiatric Hospital (WRPH) was mandated by the Michigan Department of Community Health (formerly known as Michigan Department of Mental Health) to provide care and active treatment to a specialized group of patients. This group consisted of geriatric mentally ill persons and/or other mentally ill persons who by reason of medical condition or illness exhibit personal care and treatment needs that are similar to and/or compatible with those of the frail elderly mentally ill population already in residence at the Hospital.

In 1997 this mandate was expanded to include the provision of services to mentally ill adults aged 43 years and older. In 2002, the WRPH was designated as the adult (18 years +) psychiatric facility for Detroit/Wayne, Washtenaw, Livingston, and Monroe counties.