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The Manual of Style, often abbreviated MoS or MOS, is a style guide for Asylum Projects articles. This main page contains basic principles. The subpages of the Manual of Style, listed and linked in the menu to the right, explore topics in greater detail.

Article Titles, Headings, and Sections

Article Titles

  • When creating a new article the title should be consistent with either the popular/well known name of the subject. Lesser more unknown names should only be redirects to popular name.

Article Headings

  • Each article should be broken down into various headings if possible. These headings make it easier to read and navigate the article.
  • Headings should be used for major events/subjects related to the subject of the article.

Article Sections

  • Sections should only be used as a sub-heading of a major heading.
  • Sections should only be used to help clarify a heading section by breaking the heading subject into it's components for easier reading.

Article Images

  • An article should only contain a maximum of four images in the body (Including the infobox) with another four images in an independent heading/section.
  • If a subject has more then eight images, then a separate image gallery article should be created to hold the majority of the article's images.