Bradford County Almshouse

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Bradford County Almshouse
Established 1879
Opened 1881/1941 (Second building)
Current Status Active
Building Style Single Building
Location Burlington, PA
Alternate Names
  • Bradford County County Farm
  • Bradford County Home
  • Bradford County Manor (Current)


In 1879, the Bradford County Commissioners purchased the former McKean Farm, consisting of approximately 268 acres, near Burlington, PA for the purpose of providing shelter for the indigent. Building construction was completed the following year at a total cost of $38,500. The building was constructed of clay bricks, made of clay from the land on which it stood.

The first “inmates” were received in 1881. “Inmates” earned their keep by performing many chores, including household duties and tending to the 94 cows, 400 chickens, 46 hogs, and 96 turkeys. They also planted and maintained large gardens, canning upwards of 5,000 quarts of fruits and vegetables annually. The County Farm housed anywhere from 100-130 people on a normal basis.

In 1938, the house burned. Reconstructed in 1940 and renamed the Bradford County Home, the new building was opened in 1941 to care for 170 patients. It was later converted into an infirmary, and in 1963, renamed the Bradford County Manor with the addition of a west wing. The east wing was added in 1964, and in 1985, major renovations were completed and two new wings added. Cosmetic upgrades and remodels were made over the years, including a state of the art rehabilitation therapy gym, and eventually into what it is today-the Bradford County Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Today the Bradford County Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, nestled in the mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania, is a 200-bed facility offering both private and semi-private rooms, 21 private short term stay rehabilitation suites and a secure memory impairment neighborhood.