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Bronx State Hospital
Opened 1963
Current Status Active
Building Style Single Building
Location Syracuse, NY
Alternate Names
  • Bronx Psychiatric Center (Current)
  • Bronx Children’s Hospital
  • New York City Children’s Center


Bronx State Hospital opened in 1963 and then later in 1969 opened the Bronx Children’s Hospital on the campus. The Campus was renamed as the Bronx Psychiatric Center while the children's hospital became the New York City Children’s Center. Along with the two main buildings, the institution grew to include numerous out-patient programs along with associated buildings.

In 2008, the center began construction on a set of new buildings to replace the outdated main structures. This new 436,310-square-foot facility features modern amenities for the 156-bed Bronx Psychiatric Center, the 86-bed New York City Children’s Center- Bronx Campus, and an expanded 188-bed residential village providing transitional and supported housing to adults with behavioral health issues. Its doors opened up in 2015. [1]