Brown County Asylum & Poorhouse

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Brown County Asylum & Poorhouse
Established 1858
Opened 1859
Closed 2009
Demolished 2013
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Architect(s) Levi Genissee
Location Green Bay,WI
Architecture Style Georgian Revival
Alternate Names
  • Brown County Asylum for the Chronic Insane
  • Brown County Insane Asylum
  • Brown County Mental Health Center


It started as the county poor farm in 1858. It became the Brown County Insane Asylum in 1881, the Brown County Hospital in 1948 and the Mental Health Center in 1972. Major building additions were completed in 1934 and 1968.

The mental health center had state licenses for three purposes: an 88-bed psychiatric hospital serving both adults and children for short-term crisis care, a 106-bed nursing home and a 64-bed facility for caring for people with developmental disabilities. The psychiatric hospital also served as a regional hospital for 11 nearby counties. The mental health center was replaced in 2008 by the new Community Treatment Center, 3150 Gershwin Drive.