Carroll County Poor Farm

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Carroll County Poor Farm
Opened 1867/1938 (Current building)
Current Status Active
Building Style Single Building
Location Carrollton, OH
Alternate Names
  • Carroll County Hospital
  • Carroll Golden Age Retreat (Current)


On July 6, 1867, the site of the present County Home was purchased for $13,600. An additional tract was purchased making a total of 365 acres. Currently, approximately 300 acres are leased. The tracts were set aside for a county dog pound, cemetery, and garden. The garden was farmed last by County Home residents and personnel in 1967. The Carroll County hospital (as it was called) was built in 1937 with county funds and opened for use April 1, 1938. By the early 50’s, it was difficult to keep the buildings in decent repair. A bond issues enabled the county to renovate the outmoded facility and add the new building which was completed in 1954. The County Home was named Carroll Golden Age Retreat in 1988. It has been operated continuously by the county as a residential facility and today the Home provides custodial care and assisted living for persons not requiring “skilled” nursing care.