Evansville State Hospital

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Evansville State Hospital
Construction Began 1888
Opened 1890
Demolished 2002-2008
Current Status Demolished (Original)
Building Style Pavilion Plan (Radial)
Location Evansville, IN
Architecture Style Gothic Revival
Peak Patient Population 1,500 est. in 1954
Alternate Names
  • Woodmere Asylum
  • Southern Indiana Hospital for the Insane

[edit] History

A general treatment facility with a long, rich history. Also referred to as "Woodmere", Evansville provided solitude and peace for mentally-ill patients. While Central State Hospital was a progressive force in scientific medicine in the early 20th century, Evansville remained largely a custodial institution. In the late 1930s the "X" shaped main building was severely damaged in a fire started by an employee. It was replaced in 1943 by a "U" shaped building, referred to as the Continuing Treatment Unit. By the late 1990s a new facility was being built & all the old structures were demolished by 2008. The hospital continues to serve southwestern Indiana in it's new facility.

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