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There are 961 persons buried here. The burial site contains graves of patients from a state-run mental hospital that took over the fort facilities. Plain, gray name markers date to 1908, the year Western State Hospital was established.
Burials in the hospital section of the cemetery took place between 1908 and 1951. There are 961 persons buried here. Bodies of old soldiers formerly buried here were moved to Leavenworth, Kansas.
Sprinkled in among patient markers are older headstones of civilians affiliated with the military camp, opened in 1868 as a supply post for that year's winter campaign against the Plains Indians. Other graves may be those of squatters and homesteaders who moved in after the camp closed. Bodies of old soldiers formerly buried here were moved to Leavenworth, Kansas.
The most recent grave is that of former Western State Superintendent Dr. William Blyth, who died in 1982. The oldest represents Toch-e-me-ah, wife of Army scout Ben Clarke; Company B Indian Scout Bad Face, and three men believed to have been employees of the Quartermaster's Department.
Toch-e-me-ah's headstone, perhaps the tallest in the cemetery, indicates she died in 1875 at age 22.

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