Green County Asylum

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Green County Asylum
Established 1861
Opened 1883
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Monroe, WI
Alternate Names
  • Green County Mental Hospital
  • Pleasant View Skilled Nursing and Rehab


On May 15, 1882, the Superintendents (William Brown, Dan Smiley and J.C. Zimmerman) of the Poor of Green Co. entered into an agreement to which in a space of 5 months, a building would be erected to be used as an Insane Asylum. The original building was to be 68ft long x 34ft wide, 2 stories high, the lower story to be 10 ft high and the upper story to be 9 ft. 10 in. high. The total cost of the building was $6,390. The original Poor House & Insane Asylum was on just over 300 acres of land. Currently called, Pleasant View Complex, is consists of several buildings, and it's own private cemetery.

Pleasant View Skilled Nursing and Rehab is a 130 bed skilled nursing facility located in the rolling hills of southern Green County, allowing our residents a picturesque view of the rural landscape. We’ve provided residents 24 hour rehabilitative care, long term care and dementia care since 1969.

Pleasant View has a rich history that extends back to the 1860’s; the first poor farm for Green County was purchased in 1861 in the town of Mount Pleasant.The first ledger entry is dated February 1st, 1883. Originally built to serve the needs of Green County citizens who were poor and mentally infirm, the facility was called the "Green County Asylum”, "The Poor Farm” and the "Green County Mental Hospital”. In 1969, new construction of our present facility was completed; North wings were added in 1973.