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The Mission

The mission of this site is to archive both historical and current information on asylums across the United States and around the world.

The Statement

This site is dedicated to the history of asylums in all forms. The term of asylum is applied to not only what is commonly thought of: mental hospitals, but can also be applied to sanitariums, state training schools, reform schools, orphanages, and in a limited form prisons. These institutions have and continue to play a major part in today's society.

Everyone throughout the United States and in many other countries has in one way or another felt the touch of these institutions. These places have both directly and indirectly affected people and their families. They have shaped lives and created many popular myths about them.

With all that in mind, this site was created to help in the historical research of any institutions that can be classified as an asylum. It was created for both serious researchers, those who are doing genealogical research, and people with an interest in asylums.

Please note: This is a developmental version of Asylum Projects and is not the main database. If you were looking for the main Asylum Projects please go here.

  • For admins: This is the to do list of things that need to be done. Add things/reorganize it as you guys think of something.