Mississippi State Sanatorium

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Mississippi State Sanatorium
Established 1916
Opened 1918
Closed 1976 (as a sanatorium)
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Magee, MS
Alternate Names
  • Mississippi Tuberculosis Sanatorium
  • Boswell Regional Center (Current)


The Mississippi Tuberculosis Sanatorium was founded in 1916 by the Mississippi State legislature., and admitted its first patients on February 4, 1918. The facility was located on Highway 49, three miles North of Magee, Mississippi. Dr. Henry Boswell was the first Superintendent of the Sanatorium and remained so for the next forty years.

The Sanatorium originally housed all the Caucasian patients in the “white infirmary” and all the African-American patients in the “black infirmary.” This changed, when on April 21, 1968, The Mississippi State Board of Health insisted that all health facilities comply with the civil rights legislation. The Sanatorium continued to be a forerunner in providing treatment to Tuberculosis patients. Other facilities eventually opened up in neighboring areas.

In 1976, The Mississippi Tuberculosis Sanatorium was transformed into The Boswell Regional Center. It now provides treatment for Mississippians with disabilities.