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* [[Newark State School]]
* [[Newark State School]]
* [[Rome State Custodial Asylum]]
* [[Rome State Custodial Asylum]]
* [[Sagamore Children’s Psychiatric Center]]
* [[Sampson State School]]
* [[Sampson State School]]
* [[Staten Island Developmental Center]]
* [[Staten Island Developmental Center]]

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New York
Flag of New York State seal of New York
Flag of New York Seal of New York
Nickname(s): Excelsior, Ever Upward
Motto(s): The Empire State
Map of the United States with New York highlighted
General State Information
Capital Albany
Largest city New York City
Total Square Miles 54,555 sq mi
(141,299 km2)
State Width 285 miles (455 km)
State Length 330 miles (530 km)
Current Population Statistics
Total State Population 19,746,227 (2014 est)
Total Mental Health Population 10,500
 - Past Maximum Population 93,600 in 1955
Current Institution Statistics
Total Number Of Institutions 12
 - Public Institutions 12
 - Private Institutions 0
Past Mental Health Institutions Total
Peak Number of Institutions 31 in 1950
 - State Hospitals 24 in 1950
 - State Schools 7 in 1950
 - Private Institutions in

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Government Institutions

City and County Hospitals

State Schools

Private Asylums

Poor Houses and Farms

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