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Featured Article Of The Week

Mental Health University Institute of Quebec


The mid-19th century, the State had not yet decided to care for its most vulnerable citizens. Often, the mentally ill were confined in boxes or kept in prison. But things would soon change thanks to the intervention of a philanthropist from Maine, Dorothea Lynde Dix. In response, the first Quebec asylum, temporary asylum of Beauport, opens its doors on September 15, 1845. At the request of the Governor general, Lord Charles Metcalfe, James Douglas Charles - Jacques Frémont and Joseph Morrin, doctors keep and treat the mentally ill in a suitable institution.

In 1845, the first 23 patients are greeted in the oldest House of the Canada, the manor house erected in Beauport by Robert Giffard de Moncel, Lord and first physician of new France. Subsequently, asylum is installed in the former residence of judge Amable de Bonne. Enlarged and redesigned, the establishment of a capacity of 275 beds is incorporated in 1850, under the name of Quebec Lunatic Asylum. The establishment interested visitors and foreigners. The bourgeoisie of Québec in fact even his point rally. In 1865, became the asylum for the insane, Québec. For decades, the contracts are renewed without discussion between the Government and the owners. In 1883, the renewal raises a political debate. The future of asylum is played to the Government where a new intervention looks imminent. For ten years, a heated debate surrounds the psychiatric institutions. Click here for more...