Looking for a patient that was in Longview Hospital for the insane 1930

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I am looking for information on a patient that was admitted in Longview Hospital for the insane in 1930. He was my uncle and has since passed away in 1977 in Florida. His name was Roy S. Nelson

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In order to better help you I need a little more information. Was your uncle hospitalized in Florida at the asylum? There is more than one long view hospital and I want to make sure i am getting you the correct information. The other thing you should know is that even though your uncle is related to you and passed away before the laws took effect, the information contained in his medical records may be covered by HIPAA rules depending on the stance the state. If you can post back with that information I will try and get you the contact information for the facility or it's medical records department. Some of the former asylums also have their own, usually unofficial, patient associates that might be able to give you more information.

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Looking for information about my fathers cousin
My fathers cousin, George Townsend was in the 1940 US Census at Mendicino State Hospital for the Insane. He died there in 1957 according to records I can find but we know nothing else. He was born in El Paso Texas June 9, 1919 to James Elbert and Maud Agnes Townsend. He moved with his father to California and only finished the 4th grade. The family would like to know where he was buried and what happened that put him in that Asylum. Any help would be appreciated.

Lynne Townsend Bie

[email protected]

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