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Francis Russell Gladden
I am searching information on her,she was my great grandmother

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Francis Russell Gladden
she was a patient in 1922,she died I THINK IN 1923. Debra Oskins [email protected]

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Cerebral Congestion 1901
My father's Great Aunt Tepka Norder died at Illinois Central Hospital for the Insane on July 26, 1901. I have her death certificate and know the illness lasted 3 weeks. I don't know any more except that she had had a child out of wedlock 4 and a half months prior to her death. She was listed as a servant in a household in 1900. I'd like to know how to access any records of her admission or treatment. Thank you, Carol Ballard Lacey, WA [email protected]

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Walter Anderson, Cora Darnell Myers: 1920s staff at Western State Hosp.
Any idea where I can find 1920s employment records for the Western State Hospital at Steilcoom?

David A

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Marvin H Treadway
Searching for hospital records for My Great Uncle Marvin H Treadway. Born 2-1-1926 died 5-3-1950. He was a Patient at the Ohio state hospital for the Epileptic and the Epileptic insane In Gallipolis Ohio. The Hospital closed in the 1970's. I'm researching epilepsy in My family and hoping his records can tell me something about our family history with epilepsy.


[email protected]

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I am looking for information for Pauline Estochin Cianci. She died in 1970 in Clark Summit State Hospital , according to what I was told as a child. Thank you

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I am looking for Leroy Davis, son of Myrtle and Dewell Davis who was taken at a very young age to Enid Home for the Weak Minded. He was not weak minded, merely poor. I do know what happened to him. Born in 1939.

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Searching for my Uncle Phillip Wade Murphy Adolf Myer Mental HealthDecatur
My Uncle was admitted into the Adolf Myers Mental Health Hospital in Decatur Illinois with out consent late April of 1989...He supposedly escaped from the facility May 28th 1989. ..which we were not informed of until after 72 hours later. When we were informed they said he busted out a window in a common room with a chair and escaped. I checked with local police and they looked back into old records as well as talked to the retired now head officer during that time that and said that even at that time if a patient had escaped by law the should have filed a report with law enforcement. Yet there had been no report filed. We have been searching for him all these years and still have come up with very little.My Uncle was diagnosed as bi polar and schizophrenic. Our family hasn't given up in hopes we will find him or his body to lay him to rest if he has already went with the lord. My grandmother has just be diagnosed with cancer and they have only given her 6 months of life left. I hope and pray that someone can give our family some answers or help us somehow to give us some closer...we can no longer locate his medical records since they have been moved to so many locations. ..the last place we tracked them down to was a hold facility in Illinois called Singer Mental Health Center that has now closed as well. If any former workers from the facility can remember him or anything that he may have said before he mysteriously disappeared that may give us a lead of his where abouts are or anything that could help us locate hum we would forever be great full! I have set up an account for missing persons in the Name Us data base or you can google the name Phillip Wade Murphy to see a p8c to see you anyone may recognize him. You may contact me at [email protected] my name is Mandie Allen... Should Phillip happen to be out there still and happen to read thus please know we love you and have never given up trying to find you...and you have a beautiful daughter and 2 beautiful grandchildren who would love to know you. And please come home gma is very ill and wants nothing more than to see your face one last time.

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I'm looking for information on a Matilda Jane Hawks Browder. She was in the 1910 census and died in 1943 at South Western Virginia State Hospital in Smyth county Virginia. We've (she is the grandmother of my father in law) seen her death certificate but was wondering why she spent 35 years in the hospital. Thank you for your time and information.

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Quote: Sun 30th 11:18 pm
I was trying to find out any information about my father, Frank Mobilian,while he was a patient in Marlboro Psychiatric hospital. He would have been treated there in 1952-53 period.
I heard he had electric shock therapy while there, I was wondering what the standards of treatment were then?
Any information would be helpful.
What state

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016
I am looking for information on my Grandmother, Anabel Crawford, who was institutionalized at Norwalk State Hospital, Norwalk, Ca in approximately 1934/1936. I have little information regarding her time there except that she was in a state hospital for 18 years and was released in 1952/1954. She was also at a state hospital in Modesto, Ca. near the time of her release. She was released to my mother, Glena Faye Bartholomew. Any information or records you may have would be appreciated.
My name is Wanda Jo Russo, [email protected]

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78 years ago...
Joe (Guiseppe) Trovato was taken to Agnews Insane Asylum in Santa Clara California, and died 2 days later.(July 3, 1938) His daughter was 8 yrs old at the time, and now at age 86 she still doesn't know what happened/what he died of. She seeks closure in any help that anyone may be able to provide...
many, many thanks,
[email protected]

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Turchyn, peter
Looking for information of Peter Turchyn at Saskatchewan Hospital for the Insane.

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Quote: Sun 22nd 5:50 pm
Looking for information about Cheryl Jolls (sometimes spelled Joles), patient at St. Lawrence State during late 60's and/or early 70's.

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Whitney, Dora Rosa Wurst, patient at Buffalo State Hospital, NY
Dora Whitney was my great grandmother (1870 - 1910). I know she was in the Buffalo State Psychiatric Hospital - she was listed in the 1910 Federal Census as a patient. She died in that year sometime after the census was taken. I don't if my great grandmother died in the hospital or at home. Neither do I know what was the cause of her death. Can anyone suggest a way, if possible, to get her medical records, please? Have you ever come across Dora Rosa Wurst Whitney in your studies? She was married to Ora Ralph Whitney, had 4 children and lived in Holland, NY. Any help would be very appreciated. Alison [email protected]

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