Wisconsin Insane Asylum patient records 1910 -1937

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My grand Aunt Theresa M Atteln B. 20 June 1886 in Summit, Wisconsin D. 06 Dec 1937 in Clark County, Wisconsin

I am looking for her patient records or any information as to why she was put into a institution. A 1910 census record has her in Red Cedar, Dunn County Asylum...1920 census in Marshfield, Wood County Asylum...1930 census Hoard, Clark County Insane Asylum till her death.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Charmaine

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check here for possible records
You might be able to contact the individual Asylum's and inquire how to receive copies of the records:
Dunn County Asylum: http://www.dunncopottersfield.com/history-of-the-dunn-county-poor-farm.html
Wood County seems to be gone.
Clark County Insane Asylum: http://wiclarkcountyhistory.org/clark/facts/1930Hixon_Assylum.htm The woman Diane Kleinke may be able to direct you in the right direction to find the records.

Most likely the records have been destroyed....The State Historical Society may have some straggling pieces of information.

Good Luck

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Elizabeth Ellen Moyer
I am looking for the death date and burial place for Elizabeth. I see on several of the census records from 1900-1940, she was recorded as Lizzie Moyer. Do you have any information on her? Thank you

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Joan kirali gancarcik
looking for any inf.on gertrude kirali.

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elizabeth krahulec Robarge
Looking for patient records. Per news paper articles she was sent to State Asylum near Mendota in August 1931

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Home for Feeble Minded Chippewa Falls WI
Am looking for records of patients at the Northern Colony Home for the Feeble Minded in Chippewa Falls, WI. Would like to have contact with ex-employee of the home or family member of same.
Thank you.

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Tenny Sherpe patient records institutionalize at West SalemWisconsin insane asylum
Looking for patient records on Tenny Sherpe institutionalized in West Salem Asylum in the approximately the 1940's until the early '60's when he died.

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Quote: Sun 13th 5:18 pm
Looking for patient records on Tenny Sherpe institutionalized in West Salem Asylum in the approximately the 1940's until the early '60's when he died.

Was it Tenny A. Sherpe? I find him having died in 1993 in LaCrosse, WI. Born in 1919, parents were John M Sherpe & Anna Bekkum? The facility is still in operation, although in a different location, so no idea if they have any old records. It is now the Lakeview Health Center, their # is (608)786-1400. Also you could try the county library there, they have some old records according to their website. La Crosse Public Library

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Douglas County Asylum and Hospital
Looking for the patient records for Libbie Howard (born 1860) who is shown as being at the 'Douglas County Asylum and Hospital' Asylum on the 1910 census and on the 1930 census. I cannot find a death date or cemetery record, and would also like to know the reason for her institutionalization. Her husband was Elverton J. Howard (not at the Asylum) .

Thank you so much for your help!
[email protected]

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Where were they buried?
I am looking for information on where the people of these hospitals were buried. My great great uncle Herman Martinson was in the Wood County Asylum. I don't think anyone has found the old records for that hospital, but what happened to them when they died? Was there a nearby cemetery, or were they shipped off back home?

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Waupaca County Insane Asylum, Weyawega, Wisconsin
Does anyone know where the records for the Waupaca County Insane Asylum, (long-closed) are? I am looking for records for my Great Grandfather, who was there until his death in 1939. When they say records can only be released to family members, could that include me? Three generations have preceded me and passed away. I can prove direct lineage.

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Chippewa and Lancaster Asylums
Looking for information / records for Laura Marcum. She was in Chippewa and then sent to Lancaster where she died in 1935. She is buried in Wildwood cemetary in Sheboygan.

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Seeking records for Mary Seiler - Dunn County Insane Asylum
I am seeking records for my 3rd great grandmother and records indicate that ā€œshe was enumerated with the Dunn County Insane Asylum as an Inmate, age 61 as Mary Seiler (Mary Frederica Guldner).ā€ When I scan the list of known graves at Potter Field, her name shows up as Mary Seiler: http://www.dunncopottersfield.com/list-of-burials.html. She died December 20, 1899 at the age of 73. I would like to locate any records available.

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Ida L. Sackett-Blood
Ida was born in 1862 in Gravesville, WI.

Census records show she entered the Chippewa County Insane Asylum in Eagle Point, WI, on 01 Jun 1905.

She was still in the institution in 1910 and 1920.

I am trying to find out why she was there, and what year she died.

Thank you.

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Casper Blume Died in 1949
Hello... Looking for any information you may have regarding my great grandfather, Casper Blume. I believe he passed away in this facility in 1949

Thank you,
Laurel Stookey

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