Katie Rosetta Norton: I have been searching for years.

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I am looking for information with regard to my Grandmothers older sister. I understand from my grandmother she (Katie Rosetta Norton) was born August 31, 1878 with disabilities. Her father and mother (Owen and Louisa Norton) placed her in the "Home for the Feeble Minded" in Beatrice some time after 1880 (she is on the 1880 census with her parents). I understand Katie Rosetta Norton died (according to my Grandmother) and is buried in Beatrice February 3, 1903 at age 25.

I am the family genealogist...over the last 20 years I have located the burials of her parents and siblings (5)in Rutland, Ohio and Sheridan, Wyoming but have not been able to find any information bout Katie Rosetta Norton.

I would be very thankful to anyone who can provide information on who or how to access any records with regard to burials at the home or where to start?? I have tried the death records for the state of Nebraska (perhaps a burial location would be listed along with other info) but they start in 1904 due to a fire(?).

I would love to find her ........and let her know someone still cares and loves her (even if it is a hundred plus years......thanks

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