Summit County Home

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Summit County Home
Opened 1864/1916 (second location)
Closed 1970
Demolished 1980
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Munroe Falls, OH
Alternate Names
  • Summit County Infirmary


The Summit County Infirmary was built in 1865 on the south side of Exchange Street at a cost of about $20,000. Patients at the Infirmary made the bricks for this building. Several additions were added over the years until the Infirmary and land were sold in 1916. The Summit County Home, also known as the Summit County Infirmary, was built in 1916 and opened to residents in May of 1919. For nearly 50 years, the Summit County Home was a fixture in the lives of Munroe Falls residents. The Home, located on Route 91 south of South River Road, was an expansive brick building in a classic revival style. From 1919 to 1970, the County Home was known as a hospital, a surgical center for unwed mothers and a home for many disadvantaged groups. It served the poor, senile, cognitively disabled, developmentally disabled, transient, indigent and those addicted to alcohol. The facility was demolished in 1980, and the former grounds are now the site of the Heather Knoll Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.