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Use this calendar to announce upcoming events related to asylums and their history.

Please note:[edit]

  • Please keep these events directly related to the subject matter of this site. If the event is not related to the site or is of only a promotional nature for a for profit venture, it will be removed promptly and the poster warned. For more explanation please see AP:SPAM

To add an event to the calendar:[edit]

  • To add events to the calendar, create a new page with the following name:
Main Page/Upcoming Events/X-X-XXXX -title 
  • Where as the date will be in the month day year format and the title of the event. Make sure to follow the date and title format as close as possible. For example:
Main Page/Upcoming Events/7-3-2010 -Trip to the state hospital
  • Add the top of the edit screen you must include the title of the event (For example: ==Title==) and then fill in the title of the event.
  • Copy and paste this template into the edit screen and fill it out:
{{calendar event
|Date = 
|Time =
|Address Line 1 = 
|Address Line 2 = 
|City = 
|State = 
|Zip Code =  
|Description = 
  • Add this category at the very bottom of the page: [[Category:Upcoming Events]]
  • Then hit save and you event will be added to the calendar.