Midwestern Regional Centre

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Midwestern Regional Centre
Opened 1966
Closed 1998
Current Status Closed
Building Style Single Building
Alternate Names
  • Midwestern Regional Children's Centre


Developed by the Ontario Ministry of Public Works, the Property was formerly the Midwestern Regional Children's Centre (opened in 1966), a centre for mentally challenged youth operated by the Ontario Ministry of Health. The Property, approximately 164 acres was developed with a 167,000 square foot main building and several other outer buildings. By the early 1970s the population was mostly comprised of adults.

At it's peak, the hospital housed up to 225 patients. Governmental views regarding this containment of the handicapped changed in the '90s and it was decided to eliminate the large institutions in favor of community based care. This led to the Midwestern Regional Centre closing its doors in 1998, after 33 years of operation.

Since it's closure it has been occupied by a nursing home and currently a Buddhist Temple.