Nampa State School

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Nampa State School
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Nampa, ID
Alternate Names
  • Idaho Sanitarium for the Feeble-minded and Epileptic
  • Idaho State School and Hospital
  • Southwest Idaho Treatment Center


Idaho State School and Hospital was built in Nampa in 1910, for the state's Developmental developmentally challenged population. It opened in 1918. The institution was largely self sufficient. It had a large farm which was worked by the residents. The higher functioning residents also cared for residents who couldn't do anything for themselves. Much has changed in the care of persons with developmental disabilities from the time of the state school's opening. The old farm has been sold as a golf course, and residents no longer give primary care to other residents. The institution is much more modern and remains in operation, though a few of the old buildings are now used to house juvenile offenders