South Beach Psychiatric Center

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South Beach Psychiatric Center
Closed 2011
Current Status Closed
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Staten Island, NY
Alternate Names


South Beach Psychiatric Center provides intermediate level inpatient services to persons living in western Brooklyn, southern Staten Island, and Manhattan south of 42nd Street. The center also operates a specialized eight bed inpatient unit for monolingual Chinese persons from Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan who are in need of intermediate care. The hospital was closed in 2011 over criticism over how it treated its patients.



  • The following nearly sixty minute 1983 Academy Award-nominated documentary video entitled "Children of Darkness" was filmed mostly inside South Beach Psychiatric Center. This documentary was produced and written by Richard Kotak and Ara Chekmayan. It explores the topic of juvenile psychiatry in the 80's and highlights the lack of mental health resources and care in America by focusing on the treatment of children living in multiple facilities.