Stoneyetts Hospital

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Stoneyetts Hospital
Established 1910
Opened 1913
Closed 1992
Current Status Closed
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Moodiesburn, North Lanarkshire
Alternate Names
  • Stoneyetts Certified Institution for Mental Defectives


Stoneyetts Hospital was built by Glasgow Parish Council and opened in 1913. Originally an epileptic colony, it soon became a unit for intellectually disabled people under the Mental Deficiency and Lunacy (Scotland) Act of 1913. Stoneyetts eventually faced overcrowding and arrangements were made with Falkirk Parish Council for patients to be cared for at Blinkbonny Home; a substantial number of patients were transferred from Stoneyetts to Lennox Castle in 1936. In 1937, the institution assumed its final and longest-running function: a facility for certified mental patients (although there was a changing emphasis toward psychogeriatric care by the 1970s).

Improvements to the facility were carried out in 1950, at a cost of £6,800. These included an extension to the laundry, the addition of verandas to two of the villas and the erection of a designated patients' cafeteria. A television set was installed in May 1953, courtesy of Sir John Stirling-Maxwell, and a new oil-fired boiler was implemented in the late 1960s. The institution was upgraded and modernised circa 1975. In 1989, a £9,700 minibus was presented to the hospital by the Parks and Recreation Charities Club. Stoneyetts was in serious need of funding by mid 1989; a fundraiser was organised at the Knights of St Columba social club in Moodiesburn. In May 1991, however, NHS Greater Glasgow announced its plans to close institution, with a view to transfer patients and staff to other locations. Proponents for its closure described the facility's accommodation as "outdated" and "sub-standard". Stoneyetts Hospital closed in 1992.