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Flag of Arkansas State seal of Arkansas
Flag of Arkansas Seal of Arkansas
Nickname(s): The Natural State
Motto(s): Regnat populus
(The People Rule)
Map of the United States with Arkansas highlighted
General State Information
Capital Little Rock
Largest city Little Rock
Total Square Miles 53,179 sq mi
(137,002 km2)
State Width 239 miles (385 km)
State Length 261 miles (420 km)
Current Population Statistics
Total State Population 2,949,131 (2012 est)
Total Mental Health Population
 - Past Maximum Population in
Current Institution Statistics
Total Number Of Institutions
 - Public Institutions
 - Private Institutions
Past Mental Health Institutions Total
Peak Number of Institutions in
 - State Hospitals in
 - State Schools in
 - Private Institutions in

State Hospitals

State Schools

Private Institutions