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Due to the subject matter of this site (I.E. the content), certain users may use the information or present information of an illegal nature on this site. (I.E. used trespassing or breaking and entering to acquire information or images.)

It is the policy of this site that we do not repeat or host any information or images that is of illegal nature or was obtained illegally. If it is found out that such information or images has been obtained that violated any of the laws of that location or country, then this site reserves the right to remove such information or images.

While we cannot and will not stop users from using this site’s information for their own purposes, we will not and cannot host any information that would circumvent any local, county, state, or federal law. Any such information that is found within this site will be summarily removed and the user warned.

If there is any doubt to the legal nature of the information or images, then they shall be reviewed by the administrative staff. This site shall always err on the side of caution and any such information/images that might be construed as a possible legal problem will be removed.

If such images that might be construed as illegal, yet has been obtained legally with permission from the owner of the site, then the up-loader of the image must also include a copy of the owner’s permission and it must be verifiable (I.E. the owner of the property may be contacted to verify the permission.) or must include their name and contact information if inquires need to be made. (This can be kept confidential for administrations eyes only)