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The following policies refer to any images uploaded to the database.

  • Images should be directly related to the subject matter of the article, post, or thread.
  • Images should not of a promotional nature. This means any pictures where the main subject of the image is something other then the subject of the article. For example: this may be a web site title, address, or photographer’s name broadly and prominently displayed. Watermarks are acceptable but should not be of such a size that they detract from the image content. It is the preference of this website that watermarks not be used, but copy write symbols and such be placed somewhere in the corner of the image instead of watermarks.
  • Images embedded directly in wiki article should not be the main focus of the article. Embedded images should be no larger then 250 pixels unless the image needs to be highlighted (with reason).
  • Wiki articles should not be dominated by images (ie. there is more images then text). To combat this, use this rule of thumb: one image per info box, one image per two to three paragraphs, no more then four images per gallery in the article, no more then twelve images per article. If there are more images then the rule of thumb, then create a specific image gallery article where the extra images can be placed, then place a link to the image gallery in the main article.

Any image that violates the above policies may be deleted by any editor or administrator without notice. Images found to be in violation of any other policy of this website may also be deleted without notice. Users that continue to violate these or any other website policies may be temporarily or permanently banned from Asylum Projects.

Urban Exploration Image Policy


Images of Urban Exploration (as known as urbex or UE) are not to be posted in the wiki database or in the forums. Any images that are deemed to be of UE nature can be removed from the site by an administrator without any notice. An example of an image that can be considered UE would be an image that focuses on the fact that a place is abandoned. Things like excessive peeling paint, piles of debris or furniture, excessive long hallway photos, photos of an "artsy" nature, or any photos that are not felt to contribute to the database entry.
The following are examples of images that are not permitted in the wiki database or the forums:
UE Example 01.jpg UE Example 02.jpg UE Example 03.jpg UE Example 04.jpg UE Example 05.jpg

However this does not mean that you can't post an image just because the hospital is abandoned. An image taken in or of an abandoned building is acceptable as long as the image was not obtained by doing anything that can be classified as illegal and as long as the photo doesn't focus on the fact that the building is abandoned. The image needs to contribute to the database or it will be removed. Close up photos of objects like chairs, bottles, peeling paint, etc do not contribute to a database entry. A panoramic view of an entire room, hallway, or building however would be an example of something that contributes to a database entry. Photos should also not be repetitive, multiple photos of the same subject matter will be removed. When in doubt please contact an administrator Special:ListUsers/sysop or post a message in the Admin Information forum.
The following images would be acceptable on the wiki or forums:
Haverford 03.jpg Danville Cont 03.jpg 200px HSH PA 03.jpg WSH 2008 060.jpg WSH 2008 058.jpg

Video Policy


Per the above policies, videos added to articles must adhere to all Asylum Projects policies. This means:

  • Videos must be directly related to the subject of the article.
  • Videos must be of either historical/documentary in nature or from when the facility/institution was active to give a better picture/feel for the subject.
  • The video cannot be of Urban Exploring nature. As in that the video must not be showing extensive decay and/or have been obtained by illegal means (I.E. trespassing).
  • The video cannot be of a promotional nature promoting a product, service, or web site.
  • The video must not be promoting a more sensationalistic/paranormal viewpoint of the subject.

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