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Links that are placed in this database shall conform to the following:

  • Be directly related to the subject matter.
  • Better expand the subject to the reader.
  • Cannot be of any promotional or advertising nature.
  • Must be working/online.
  • Does not charge the user to view the information.

If a link is found to be violating any of the above points, then the link shall be summarily removed and the editor warned. If the editor has been found to be violating this policy more then once, then the three strike policy should come into effect and the editor will be blocked for a time frame set by the blocking administrator.

Note: To those who are thinking of adding their site link to this site for advertising, search engine rankings, or to increase your web page traffic, this site uses nofollow tags. What this means is that adding your link to Asylum Projects will in no way increase your search engine ranking or increase your site traffic through internet search engines.

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