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Hello and welcome to the AsylumProjects:Message Boards/General Discussion Message Board talk page.

Prior to asking questions about this institution please take note of these guidelines which may answer some of your questions.
  • We have a Asylum Projects Genealogical Requests page which answers many general questions and can point towards other institutions that might have what you are seeking.
  • We do not have any sort of offline achieves, warehouse, or personal files for AsylumProjects:Message Boards/General Discussion Message Board. Everything we have and know is online. Also we are not affiliated with state archives and local historical societies.
  • We may not know where AsylumProjects:Message Boards/General Discussion Message Board records might have gone or if they had been kept and preserved.
  • Asylum Projects is made up of volunteers who do this out of their own spare time.
  • Please do not put up any information you do not want the public at large to see.
  • Please do not hijack another person's question with your own. Start another thread for your own question.
  • Please take note of these guidelines:
    • Start your question with a header using this: == Title of your question ==
    • Write your question below the header you just created.
    • If you are answering someone's question please start your comment with ":" if you are adding on to another comment then use more then one colon like "::" so there is a clear path of answers.
    • Also, do not forget to sign your comment with ~~~~ so we know who is asking/answering.
    • Please do not restate your entire question in the summery box below the edit window.
  • Finally, please be courteous when asking a question or answering someone else's question.

Hello! My name is Paula Froh-Schelk. I am searching for information on a facility that was in Verona, WI back in the 20's-40's. As well as a family member that was placed there. How can I find out information? I don't know the name of the facility but know it was in Verona, WI. Once I hear about how to go about getting information. I will submit a more detailed request. PFrohSchelk (talk) 23:47, 29 August 2019 (MDT)[email protected]

Dane County Asylum M-Explorer (talk) 02:45, 30 August 2019 (MDT)