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Due to the narrow subject matter of this site, we focus on editor’s personal research that may consist of other web sites, archives, books, personal remembrances, etc. Because of this we are not able to rely solely on second or third party sources that have their own editorial boards that see and edit the article before they are published.

With this in mind, this site takes the same stance as historical research papers, thesis, and books. If it is possible to cite where you found your information, we highly recommend doing that. However, if you are unable to cite where your information came from, then we suggest using good judgment before adding the information. This means: if the information seems highly suspect, is a rumor, hearsay, or just plain wrong, then it should not be added. If such information is found in the database, then it should be removed.

When citing information, this site recommends using either the DLA or MLA citing formats. At minimum references should include: a link, a researchers name, or articles name. Remember: the more information to the source of the information will be very helpful to others who want to see/find the source of the information.