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This is a list of things that need to be done and objectives to be met. Please add new things as you think of them and also delete or strike through things that have been created or met.

If you want to specifically want to work on something/take on that task just sign your name with four ~~~~ and you can do the same if you add something that you plan on doing.

Construction List

These are things that I am doing/need to do. I have been thinking and I realized that I can't do just one thing without doing the other stuff. I want this to be a sort of construction plan/blueprint. If you or anyone wants to help out, great. M-Explorer 12:37, 13 November 2009 (UTC)

  • "This is the most important!" The basic foundation that needs to be laid and is the most important is transferring all the information over from the old site to the new site. This will be the most time intensive and is the most needed. When doing this, concentrate less in adding new things as much just transferring over the raw information. We can and will clean it up later. This means transferring over the history/institution info, and photos. If we don't assign or assign wrong categories that is fine, we can smooth that out.
  • Don't add anything to the main page for now. I already know how the behind the scenes structure will work/look like and before we can just start adding things, the structure needs to be planned out. The end goal is that the main page will be protected with only the high level users being able to edit it and even then they really would not need to do that. How I want the main page to work is that there will be various portals. What these portals will allow us is to plan/change the main page while not actually working on the main page. This is the same idea as other wikis and will work well here. The issue before I can create those is we also need to create the foundation articles/policies running those portals as the portals will be the end result. The portals will be things like:
    • Featured Articles
    • Featured Images
    • News
    • The mission Statement
    • A "Help Wanted" banner
  • I want to create expandable navbars that can be placed at the bottom of the articles to give more links/information to the readers. While the groundwork behind the scenes programming/code has been done, this is not a priority.
  • We need to import/create more editing templates that will help add/augment the articles. I want to use the same ideas as is used in Wikipedia. They make the most sens and will ultimately help with the structure of this site.
  • We really need to come up with/write policies that will govern this site. These include:
    • A comprehensive policy on images, their use, what can and cannot be uploaded, how they are to be used in the article etc.
    • A encompassing statement/policy on UE and trespassing. We need to stress that we do not endorse, encourage, or accept any information that could be considered illegal of nature.
    • We need to come up with a spam policy as users might use their user page as a promotion tool or add promotional material to the articles in the site.
    • This also means we need to come up with a user page policy.
    • Also we need to work on the AP:MOS to reflect how the articles should be written with sub pages to help editors in creating the articles.
    • We also need to come up with a reference help policy to delineate how we document information if it can be documented and how our system differs from other wikis like Wikipedia. (I.E. something to help people research where the info came from so they can do the same research. I do not want this to be the same sense as Wikipedia's which places heavy weight on third party sources which will not work here. I want this to be more like what is in essays, research papers, thesis's, and books.)
  • To help with the main page and also to high lite articles that could use more information we need to set up a grading tier so that we can show which articles need the most work. The system may work like:
    • Featured article
    • Good article
    • Starter article


  • Come up with a date/goal that we can show this wiki.
  • Come up with a date/objective/goal to when we can make this wiki the main wiki and take down the old software.

Got Ideas

Is there something (Which is most likely) that we haven't thought of or you just thought of?