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Editor Privacy

Asylum Projects respects the privacy of the editors using this web site. Editors are only required to submit their user name, an email address, and a password. Asylum Projects will only publicly show the editor’s username, everything else shall be kept private. Nor, will Asylum Projects give out email address or any other such private information without legal reason.

Asylum Projects will not tolerate users disclosing private information of other users who wish that information to be kept private. (In those cases, Asylum Projects will vigorously remove such information as quickly as we are alerted to it.) However, if an editor publicly discloses their own private information, Asylum Projects is in no way responsible for the loss of private information.

Health Information Privacy

Regarding Health Information Privacy laws both federal and state: Asylum Projects will comply with any related laws pertaining to information covered by such laws. If it is shown that such information was not publicly disclosed before appearing on Asylum Projects, then it will be Asylum Projects responsibility to remove such covered information. However, if it can be reasonably shown that information has already been publicly disclosed by another public source other then Asylum Projects or that the person in question has agreed to publicly disclose such information, then we are not bound to the Health Information Privacy laws and can publicly disclose such information.